Digital tools

Explore and try out these tools and applications. (You may need to sign up for an account in order to use some of these resources.)
On your computer* GarageBand
  • Google Draw
  • Google Earth
  • Acorn (available in Self Service)
  • KeyNote (you can narrate a slide show)
  • Photos
  • iMovie
  • Photobooth
  • Quicktime (for making a screen cast)
  • LucidChart and LucidPress (in Self Service or use Google Signin)
Other Tools (all available at the Library)
  • computer camera
  • still cameras
  • microphones
  • video cameras
Convert Files * Audio, video, ebooks and more
Find Music* Creative Commons Search (images and music)

Find Images* Creative Commons Search
Find Artifacts & Primary Sources
Find Icons
  • Blabberize (put a talking mouth on any image)
  • Gif Maker (create animated gifs, slideshows, and video animations)
  • imgflip - Gif maker (for video and images)
  • Pow Toon (create animated slideshows and presentations)
  • Voki (create a speaking avatar to deliver your message)
  • Marqueed (markup and discuss images online)
  • (add animation and effects to photos)
  • PhotoFunia (adapt your photos using online tools)
  • ThingLink (tag an image with web content)
  • Animoto (make 30-second slide shows/videos)
  • PhotoPeach (make a slideshow/video with captions)
  • Prezi(a different kind of slide show)
  • Slidely (make an online slide show with your images)
  • [[@http:/|Animoto]] (30 second videos)
  • Embed Plus (add content to an embedded YouTube video)
  • VoiceThread (create and narrate a story using still images, sounds, and videos)
  • Wirewax (tag your online video)
Help (and more tools): * 50+ Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story