SAT words

This is a page for accumulating English words that are derived from Latin words, and that are frequent SAT words

Chapter One
arboretum--tree farm (arbor--tree)
legible--readable (legit--he/she reads)

Chapter Two
amble--to walk slowly (ambulant--they walk)

Chapter Three
puerile--childish (puer--boy)
virile--manly (vir--man)
hortoculture--study of plants (horto--garden)
servile--overly willing to serve
cadence (cadit--he/she falls)--modulation or inflection of the voice
irate (iratus--angry)--great anger
declaim (clamant--they shout): utter or deliver words or a speech in a rhetorical or impassioned way
clamor (clamant--they shout): a loud or confusing sound, particularly people shouting